Magnetic Expansion 2016

We are very excited to be inviting you to Tribal Spheres secret outdoor party, Magnetic Expansion! =D Where two tribes will meet for the first time, joining forces to create a fun filled full on two day party in a idyllic Welsh valley on the River Vyrnwy 😉
Between us we will be hosting different styles of Psytrance, Old School/Acid house, Techno and Chill Out. With the same ethos we are really looking forward to what will be created with this gathering of good souls 😉

We’re creating some amazing visual installations to make the weekend super exciting and really special ♥ 🙂
This is also the weekend of the perseids meteor showers and the predicted time of energetic integration =D

Line up: Lorraine (Psilocybe/Sunrise), Prognosis (Sunrise), Rich Nelson (Toadstool/Timegate), Sporophore (Tribal Sphere Records), Dreaddean (Tribal Sphere Records), Indigo Herder (Trancendance), Lost Element, Psylas (Faeriepriates), Kryptic Void, Rossy (Toadstool), Nocturnal Project (Tribal Sphere Records), Sonasonic (Tribal Sphere), Toxic Tegan (Digital Shamans), Mindshop (Tribal Sphere)


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