• V.A. - Microscopic
    Releases V.A. - Microscopic by Tribal Sphere Records Download from BandcampDownload from Ektoplazm Birmingham outfit Tribal Sphere Records (UK), are excited to introduce: Microscopic, their bostin’ debut compilation album showcasing the Tribe’s finest spin masters and guest artists. Our electro-acoustic architects have created for you this soundscape to raise the vibration towards the multi-layered psychedelic universes. This Progressive - Twilight album hits the ground running with a hypnotic infusion of full-on bounce, a spice of night and a resonance of the natural, to get you in the mood for a boogie. Skank with pulsing rhythmic beats through the twilight, keep pace with ambient breaks and step down to the chilled outro. A full rounded dance experience. Hear the call... welcome to the tribe – Enjoy!
  • Dreaddean - Monochromatic EP
    Dreaddean returns, teaming up with Tribal Sphere Records, to offer you an acidic release featuring straight full on grooves and original live recordings, tested and performed live at several parties across the UK, Monochromatic comprises two original tracks produced by the artist and a bonus remix track; Baglama Jam, featuring live baglama which was originally produced by Open Tribe, and exclusively remixed for this release by Dreaddean.
  • V.A. - Hum
    Yet another psychedelic adventure with its second release, a collaboration between Nocturnal Project, Toxic Tegan, and Dreaddean entitled Hum. Expect powerful bass lines and twisted night-time leads adorned with otherworldly pads and sound effects.
  • Dreaddean - Patterns
    Tribal Sphere Records based in Birmingham / UK is proud to present the debut album Patterns produced and written by Lain Martinez alias Dreaddean a Spanish artist based in London. Expect to immerse yourself in some unusual Psychedelic Trance, different tempos and various melodies conform this sonic trip into the unexpected, groovy tracks for the dance floor but also to enjoy out of it.