Dreaddean – Monochromatic EP

Dreaddean returns, teaming up with Tribal Sphere Records, to offer you an acidic release featuring straight full on grooves and original live recordings, tested and performed live at several parties across the UK, Monochromatic comprises two original tracks produced by the artist and a bonus remix track; Baglama Jam, featuring live baglama which was originally produced by Open Tribe (soundcloud.com/opentribe), and exclusively remixed for this release by Dreaddean.

Drawing upon his two previous releases, this new EP is an evolution towards a more lively and organic sound but keeping good energy levels for the dancefloor.
released May 3, 2015

Original handmade artwork by Psyche @ fb.com/psychemumu
Mastering by Cy Spectrum @ cyspectrum.co.uk

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