V​.​A. – Microscopic

Birmingham outfit Tribal Sphere Records (UK), are excited to introduce: Microscopic, their bostin’ debut compilation album showcasing the Tribe’s finest spin masters and guest artists.

Our electro-acoustic architects have created for you this soundscape to raise the vibration towards the multi-layered psychedelic universes.

This Progressive – Twilight album hits the ground running with a hypnotic infusion of full-on bounce, a spice of night and a resonance of the natural, to get you in the mood for a boogie.

Skank with pulsing rhythmic beats through the twilight, keep pace with ambient breaks and step down to the chilled outro.

A full rounded dance experience.

Hear the call… welcome to the tribe – Enjoy!

Artwork by Paranormal Psyence (paranormalpsyence.wixsite.com/paranormal)

Mastering by Dreaddean (www.facebook.com/ddreaddean/)