DJ Iah

DJ Iah

Since the age of 16, after attending some underground parties in his home town of Nottingham he has been captivated by the sounds,sights, scene and energy of goa/psy trance parties and festivals.

Soon after, him and a friend travelled to Hungary for the Ozora festival 2008. This experience truly opened his eyes and since then his passion has been ever growing.

I have been dj’ing since 2011 first using my Numark arc3’s before upgrading to Pioneer cdj 1000’s. I spent 2 years improving and practising my skills until i felt i was ready to hit the Nottingham scene. Since then I have played out in India, Germany, Spain and all over the UK at many events and festivals, with reputable artists such as Laughing Buddha, Vert3x, Giuseppe, Astralasia and ManMadeMan, Hamish and many more.

All my sets are recorded live using Pioneer 1000 Mk 3s

Love and light!