The man behind Dreaddean is Lain Martinez, he was introduced to the psychedelic culture back in Madrid, where he is originally from, but it was not until he moved to London when he began to produce Psychedelic Trance, influenced by classic Goa, Techno and Psy-Dub also getting inspiration from live bands from Punk to Psychedelic Rock.

His music varies in tempo from a slower and more progressive sound to a faster and night time sometimes dark sound, but always trying to keep an element of melody that will make his music enjoyable for listening outside the dance floor.

His live set is a dynamic one, playing only his own productions and remixing his tracks live, each one of his performances is sure to be 100% original, not leaving the dance floor indifferent. He has been performing his live set across different countries like the UK, Spain and Germany always trying to bring innovation to his performances.